Benefits of Grapevine

Being hired through Grapevine allows you to explore your fit with multiple companies at once



Provides three different kinds of feedback opportunities to help align the goals of students and their mentors.



Provides a reference guide for students to learn about the skills and resources they will need to get onboarded quickly and effectively.


The Grapevine Collective

Provides invaluable global learning sessions and networking opportunities to help students produce higher quality work.

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Rahul Agarwal
VP Product, Polar

"Grapevine turned 12-16 hours spent reviewing applications and conducting interviews into 1 hour. The outcome was great!"


Anthony Kanfer
CTO, Unyte Health Inc

"Grapevine has been great to work with and has allowed us to efficiently employ

amazing student talent."


Jenn Louie
Director, Wellify

"Grapevine's Collective Program provides additional support and equips my interns with the necessary skills to be even better at their jobs." 

Ready to Taste the Future of Work?

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Hiring on WaterlooWorks

If you are looking to independently hire co-op students for the upcoming term follow the steps below.

1. Create an Account and Posts

Register for an account on WaterlooWorks and create job postings for different positions by following this template.

2. Review Applications and Interviewees

Shortlist top application packages and conduct interviews to narrow down best potential candidates for the position.

3. Submit Rankings and Match

Offer the position to your top candidate by ranking them #1 and rank up to 9 alternates to increase chances of obtaining a match.

Learn more about why you should hire through WaterlooWorks here