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Unlock ambitious Canadian students in less than 1 hour. 

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Grapevine turned 12-16 hours spent reviewing applications and conducting interviews into 1 hour. The outcome was great!

Rahul Agarwal

VP Product, Polar

Grapevine has been great to work with and has allowed us to efficiently employ amazing student talent.

Anthony Kanfer

CTO, Unyte Health Inc.

How We Help Companies

Save Valuable Time

To simplify and streamline the recruitment process, Grapevine is hiring for 4 roles. Companies select the positions they have open, and students choose the role they are most interested in.

Pain Free Hiring

Grapevine takes on all admin and HR tasks for hiring students even if you are located outside of Canada. No need for tedious visas or finding living accommodations. Grapevine manages payroll, taxes, grants, and all required agreements

Student Development

With Grapevine, employers don't need to spend time training and hand-holding co-ops. Through the Collective, students are able to take part in skills development workshops, network with industry professionals, and are given a space to build up their soft skills.

The Hiring Process


Select Students

Grapevine will provide a list of recommended students based on the requirements outlined by your company. All you have to do is choose the student(s) that you'd like to hire!


Confirm Matches

Grapevine will extend your employment offer to the student and confirm the match once the student accepts the offer. 

How We Help During the Term


Handle Admin Overhead

Grapevine will handle the student payroll, taxes, and student onboarding.


Student Training

In the first week, through

The Collective, we provide students with professional development and technical training. 


Extended Learning

Throughout the term, we offer students many opportunities to extend their learning. This is done through weekly learning sessions, monthly summits held by industry experts, and many other networking opportunities. 

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