Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hiring process?

Check out the to see the hiring process. Fill out the Contact Us form and we will get in touch with you.

What are the costs to companies?

Grapevine charges companies a flat fee per student. Email to learn about the fees for the upcoming term.

Can I interview interns directly?

Grapevine will provide you with a pre-recorded interview, skills assessment, and resume for recommended students. It is not possible for companies to interview students directly.

What types of questions will Grapevine use when interviewing students?

The video interview questions are designed for you to assess the student’s soft skills (communication, initiative, leadership and more). The skills assessment is designed for you to assess the student’s specific hard skills and experiences as it relates to the role.

Why are the roles generic?

To simplify and streamline the recruitment process, Grapevine has chosen 4 broad roles. You will provide Grapevine with the specific skills you are looking for from candidates. This way Grapevine can recommend the best candidates for your company.

What are the dates of the internship term for Fall 2021?

Students are available to work from September 7th to December 23rd.

Where will the students work from and what are the work hours?

Students work remotely from home for the entire term and are responsible for their own work premises and equipment. Standard work hours are 37.5 hours per week in Canada.

Will students need to obtain work visas if I am not a Canadian company?

No - students are employed by Grapevine, a Candian corporation, and work as consultants for your company. They will not need to obtain a work visa.

Will I have to provide the interns with any technology?

No - the interns are responsible for their own standard work equipment (laptop, internet, etc.) and work premises (work from home).

What is The Collective and what does participation entail for the co-op student(s)?

The Collective is a program hosted by Year Zero, to provide additional learning, mentorship and development activities for all Grapevine students. Participation is required and involves approximately 20 hours during the student’s first week and 1-3 hours per week throughout the term. Learn more here.

How does Grapevine work?

Grapevine acts as the Employer of Record (EOR) and manages all of the administrative overhead involved with recruiting, hiring, and onboarding students, so you do not have to. You get the opportunity to work with students that you are interested in, from a world-renowned co-op program.

I have more questions, who can I reach out to?

Email us at if you have any further questions, we are more than happy to assist!

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