Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fill out more than one application if I want to apply to Polar, Year Zero, and Grapevine?

Nope! You only need to fill out one application regardless of how many companies you plan on applying to. You will automatically be considered for all Grapevine companies including Year Zero and Polar.

Do I need to make customized applications for each role I'm applying for?

You can apply to as many as you’d like. You need to fill out an application for each role and will have to complete an interview for each role you apply to.

Who will contact me about my application if it moves forward into the next stage?

You will be contacted by

When will I be contacted to move forward to the interview phase?

As soon as you submit your application, you will receive an email from with instructions on how to complete your interview. Make sure to check your inboxes, including your junk mail to ensure you received the email! If you do not receive an email after you submit your application, please contact Grapevine at

Who will contact me if I am selected by one or more companies?

You will only be contacted if you are an applicant that has been selected by Grapevine.

Who is my employer and whose payroll will I be on?

You will be on Grapevine’s payroll, employed as a consultant for the company you are matched with.

How does the job matching work?

Once you complete the application and video interview, your work is done! Behind the scenes, Grapevine goes through a rigorous matching process using your application, interview and resume. This process matches candidates to companies. Companies then select who they would like to rank.

If selected, you will receive an email with information on the role, company, and pay. You then indicate if you are interested in the company that selected you.

What type of companies might hire me?

You will get the opportunity to work remotely with a small-to-medium sized business in Canada, US, or internationally. Check out the page to see some of the companies we work with.

Do I hear back from Grapevine if I am not selected by a Grapevine company?

You will only be contacted if you are selected by a Grapevine company.

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