The Easiest Way to Find a Placement

If you are a Canadian student looking for an internship opportunity for the Fall 2021 term, Grapevine is here to help connect you with a role that fits your talents, interests, and goals without the complications of the usual internship process.

3 Step Application

01. Apply to Grapevine

Apply online to any of the available roles through Grapevine.

02. Video Interview

Complete a short video interview for each role that you applied to. 

03. Get Matched

Based on your interview and application, you could receive offers from a Grapevine company!

The Grapevine Collective Experience

The Grapevine Collective is a skill development and learning program offered from Year Zero. The Grapevine Collective will amplify the intern experience through incredible learning and networking opportunities complementary to your work experience. 


Check out the video to hear past students share their experience with The Collective's skill development program!


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Evangel Yip
Marketing and Sales Intern, Nova

"I enjoyed the Grapevine Bootcamp as I was able to network with others and learn more skills. I thought it would be nerve-wracking I've been lacking human interaction due to COVID-19, however, the environment was friendly"


Bassel Al Omari
Software Engineer Intern, Polar

"Grapevine had truly offered me an amazing and one-of-a-kind interviewing experience. An excellent service from start to finish which felt very smooth. An intuitive experience which allowed me to express and articulate my answers with a lot of comfortability and low pressure."


Alejandra Gonzalez
Marketing and Sales Intern, SocialFlow

"I’ve never had such a great experience applying for an internship before. When I applied through Grapevine, the process was super easy and convenient. The Grapevine Bootcamp also helped me get ready to start my new position by teaching me essential skills to be able to succeed at work and in life—not to mention it brought me great confidence in myself. Thank you so much, Grapevine Team!"


William Park
Software Developer, Unyte Health Inc

"The Grapevine application process makes job applications quick and a lot less nerve-racking. The Grapevine boot camp held at the beginning of the term helped make the transition into my work term a lot smoother than I expected, and I loved meeting all of the other awesome interns in the collective!"

Philip Tran
Sales and Marketing, Nova

"The grapevine boot camp experience was great. You get to meet a ton of other students, and it helps ease you into your co-op term before starting with your company. The daily workshops were very informative as well, and gave students a solid foundation to start their work term with."


Sara Azad
Sales and Marketing Intern, Polar

"Grapevine provided an engaging and informative onboarding experience which allowed interns like myself and others to not only become acquainted with each other but also learn more about our respective companies. The interviewing process was highly efficient and the welcome orientation left a great impression on me."

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