The Easiest Way to Find a Co-op

If you are a Canadian student looking for a co-op opportunity for the Spring 2021 term, Grapevine is here to help connect you with a role that fits your talents, interests, and goals without the complications of the usual co-op process.

The Grapevine Hiring Process

  • 01.

    Apply to Grapevine

    Apply online to any of the available roles through Grapevine.

  • 02.

    Video Interview

    Complete a short video interview for each role that you applied to. 

  • 03.

    Get Matched

    Based on your interview and application, you could receive offers from a Grapevine company!

The Collective 

Grapevine's work doesn't end after we match you with one of our companies. Through the Collective, we ensure that you can access incredible learning and networking opportunities complementary to your work experience. 

Grapevine Companies

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