To simplify and streamline the recruitment process, Grapevine is hiring for the following 4 roles. Apply once to the role that best fits your skills and interests and your application can be considered by multiple companies that are hiring for that role-type.

Software Developer

Are you someone who:

  • Gets a lot of satisfaction from getting your code to work, despite the sweat and tears

  • Wants to grow as a developer, as this is a top priority in your life right now

  • Has pulled all-nighters working on coding assignments or LeetCode problems

In this role you will:

  • Test, maintain, debug, and update code to ensure strong functionality and optimization

  • Participate in the code review process

  • Write software documentation both in code and externally

  • Actively seek programming solutions on your own and are comfortable explaining your findings to your team

Research & Analyst

Are you someone who:

  • Genuinely curious to learn, open-minded and resourceful

  • Analytical in your approach to most things in life

  • Likely to know your way around a spreadsheet

  • Able to pick up on the details that nobody else sees

In this role you will:

  • Gather, interpret, and use data to investigate possible channels or proposals for improving business processes

  • Assess company and client data to identify market trends

  • Improve, execute, and communicate analyses that identify opportunities and inform company decision-making

  • Draft reports, presentation, and proposals based on research findings

  • Use your knowledge of spreadsheet functionalities (like Vlookup and pivot tables) to turn raw data into meaningful information)

Product & Project Management

Are you someone who:

  • Has a solutions-first mentality and strong customer empathy

  • Enjoys solving problems, doing research, and testing solutions 

  • Is interested in bridging the gap between business, technical, and design teams

In this role you will: 

  • Investigate paths to reduce costs, improve cycle times, and enhance customer satisfaction

  • Plan project timelines, conduct research, and coordinate vendors

  • Analyze datasets, conduct user interviews, and review user feedback to inform product decision-making

  • Manage and update Agile workflow board organization (JIRA, Trello)

  • Draft Figma prototypes and wireframe new product ideas

Sales & Marketing

Are you someone who:

  • A born creative who loves to express yourself through your work

  • Proud of how many Instagram followers and likes you have

  • A strong communicator, regardless if it’s an email, a phone call or a tweet

In this role you will:

  • Draft and implement various marketing campaigns for brand-building that align with overall company goals and sales targets

  • Manage and update social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to driver follower engagement

  • Draft copy and design company collateral using prototyping and design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and Figma

  • Monitor and report on metrics to measure the success of outreach and engagement campaigns using tools like Google Analytics

  • Manage client relationships and coordinate customer experience support