Simplifying Your Co-op Search

If you are a Canadian student looking for a co-op opportunity for the Spring 2021 term, Grapevine is here to help connect you with a role that fits your talents, interests, and goals without the complications of the usual co-op process.

Why you should apply through Grapevine

A stress-free process


You no longer need to worry about spending hours sending out resumes and finding time to book interviews into your busy schedule. All you need is a single resume and one pre-recorded video interview to apply to multiple roles across the entire network of Grapevine companies. 


Apply to a breadth of remote-work opportunities both across Canada and internationally without worrying about the pesky little details like currency conversions, relocation, and visa applications. 


To simplify the process, academic transcripts will not be used when considering you as an applicant.

Get matched with great companies 

Get access to a multinational pool of companies which embody the entrepreneurial spirit. You will get to work in dedicated teams from one of the many companies that want to hire you through Grapevine. 


You can be confident that you will be matched with a role that is the right fit for you. Matching is never automatically determined or forced, as matches will not be finalized until you provide direct confirmation that you want to proceed with employment.

Guaranteed opportunities for growth

Get exclusive access to The Collective—a learning program and community tailored to equipping you with everything you need to be successful in your career. When you become a Grapevine intern, you are given the opportunity to develop alongside other entrepreneurial-minded students, as you are shown how to make the best of your time as an intern.

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Currently hiring for roles in:

Software Development

Product Management 

Analyst and Research

Sales and Business development

Operations and Support

Marketing and communications

How Grapevine Works

  1. Create a Grapevine profile and select the roles you are most interested in

  2. If selected to move to the interview phase, you will complete a quick survey of your skills, experience, and interests. Then, you will record short video responses to Grapevine’s interview prompts

  3. If you are selected by companies, you will receive a shortlist of offers from companies to accept or decline

Matching is never automatically determined or forced, as matches will not be finalized until you provide direct confirmation that you want to proceed with employment.

Culture Counts: An Entrepreneur’s Take On Coop

Kunal Gupta has hired over 300 UW coops in the past 10 years, inspired by his journey as a UW coop many years ago.

As CEO of Polar and Director of Year Zero Studios, he runs businesses in advertising technology and social impact, and is also a meditation teacher. In this session, Kunal will teach you how to meditate, share about his entrepreneurial journey, the importance of workplace culture and the coop roles he is hiring for in Spring 2021. You will also hear from a few of the 45 UW coops currently working for him.

Join the info session offered this week: Thur, Jan 21 @ 1-2pm. Click below to join via Zoom, or enter this link:

If you are unable to attend the info session on Thur, Jan 21 @ 1-2pm then don't worry ! Click below to watch a recording of it:

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