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A talent platform that enables companies to efficiently and effectively hire and manage interns

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Effective Process

With Grapevine's precise matching algorithm, thousands of applicants will be narrowed down to the top applicants for your company.


Administration Tasks Handled

With all contracts, payments, funding, and more taken care of, a one time payment and signed agreement is all that is needed.


Time Efficient

With a 93% more efficient recruitment process, Grapevine cuts down recruitment time from an average of 16 hours to 1 hour.

How it Works

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1. Interns Apply to Role

2. Companies Select Intern

3. Intern Selects Offer

Interns fill a Grapevine application including a skills self-assessment portion, upload their resume, and complete a one-way video interview.

Companies review applications and select the intern(s) who best align with their roles and company culture. 

After companies identify whom they'd like to hire, interns can then review the offers they received and select where they want to work!

For Interns

Grapevine is here to help connect you with a role that fits your talents, interests, and goals without the complications of the usual internship process.


For Companies

Be a part of Grapevine to unlock ambitious Canadian interns in less than 1 hour. 

The Grapevine Collective

The Grapevine team doesn't rest after matching interns with companies. Through the Grapevine Collective, the team ensures that interns can access incredible learning and networking opportunities, complementary to their work experience. 


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Rahul Agarwal
VP Product, Polar

"Grapevine turned 12-16 hours spent reviewing applications and conducting interviews into 1 hour. The outcome was great!"


Anthony Kanfer
CTO, Unyte Health Inc

"Grapevine has been great to work with and has allowed us to efficiently employ

amazing student talent."


Jenn Louie
Director, Wellify

"Grapevine's Collective Program provides additional support and equips my interns with the necessary skills to be even better at their jobs." 

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